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Our clinic has 15 years of experience serving the community. At our dental clinic we treat all types of oral and dental problems. We also provide aesthetic & cosmetic dental treatments.

Our health clinic includes fully qualified dentists and surgeons as well as general personnel who work together successfully to offer affordable dental treatment to all international patients and nationals within the country. We are able to assist patients with all of their needs including transportation, accommodation and we are also able to estimate the cost of treatment for foreign patients who choose to send their x-rays prior to their arrival. In addition  we have agreements with various international insurance companies.

Furthermore, during your period of treatment you are free to enjoy a splendid holiday by visiting Didim's attractive tourist destinations. Our clinic is near to most summer and winter sports destinations as well as historical places and our town is known for its world-famous tourist attractions. Kusadasi and Bodrum are good choices for summer vacations and patients can enjoy all types of winter sports in Manisa and Bozdag. In addition, the house of the Virgin Mary and the historical Roman ruins of Ephesus are only one hour away from Didim.

We offer estimates on the cost of treatment for all foreign patients, if they are able to send us panoramic X-rays via email before their arrival.

Quality Sertificate

Registered ISO 9001 : 2000 Quality Management System


We take pride in our business and your perfect smile is important to us. As a family owned business we refuse to cut corners on quality, the clinic only uses the highest quality, clinically tested materials and techniques and we have taken this further, by ensuring that all the products throughout our clinic are the best available.

All materials used in the clinic have CE certificates and ISO 9001/2000 quality accreditation. We use the same high quality materials that are currently used in the UK, Germany, Switzerland and Japan.

Dental Laboratory

Dental Laboratory Technology is both a science and an art. Since each dental patient's needs are different, the duties of a dental laboratory technician are comprehensive and varied. Although dental technicians seldom work directly with patients, except under the direction of a licensed dentist, they are valuable members of the dental care team. They work directly with dentists by following detailed written instructions and using impressions (molds) of the patient's teeth or oral soft tissues to create:

  • full dentures for patients who are missing all of their teeth

  • removable partial dentures or fixed bridges for patients who are missing only one or a few teeth

  • crowns, which are caps for teeth that are designed to restore their original size and shape

  • veneers that enhance the esthetics and function of the patient

  • orthodontic appliances and splints to help straighten and protect teeth

Dental technicians work with a variety of materials including waxes, plastics, precious and non-precious alloys, stainless steel, a variety of porcelains and composites or polymer glass combinations. Many technicians acquire skill in the use of sophisticated instruments and equipment while performing laboratory procedures. It is important for the technician to help create tooth replacements that are both attractive and functional.

And all of this work is done right here in the dental laboratories.


Our Mission

Our mission is to give you the smile you’ve always wanted and to accompany you in your journey of making you have perfect, usable teeth.

Natural wear and tear, grinding your teeth or accidents can cause a smile to look as if it has seen better days.

We are here to restore teeth to a more natural, pleasing appearance with a variety of different techniques and procedures to improve the colour, shape and size of your teeth.

Let us change your smile which can enhance your facial features which can make you look younger and transform your smile.

we strive for excellence in results and satisfaction in our patients. Our ultimate goals are health, beauty and optimum dental function for every patient we treat.

Advancing oral, craniofacial, and public health through excellence in education, discovery, and patient-centered care.


Our Doctors

Ekrem Doğan
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Merve Beyza Savaş
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