Smile confidently with Botox gummy smile treatment ,Gum Smile is a phenomenon that when some people smile, their upper lip elevates too far above their upper teeth, exposing gums and producing an unattractive smile. This happen due to several causes. One of the causes is hyperactive muscle which elevates the upper lip. Occasionally, the gummy smile is also aggravated by a thin upper lip that further contributes to the problem by exposing the upper gum even more. Fortunately, gummy smile can be simply and effectively correct by Botulinum toxin, well known as Botox, injection to reduce the activity of the muscle the elevate upper lip.

Treatment :
A small amount of Botulinum toxin will be injected at both sides of the junction of nostrill and nose to mouth fold to weaken the muscles.Within the next 3-4 days elevation of the upper lip will gradually less and your smile is transformed, showing less gum and giving you the confidence to smile without inhibition. The full result will be achieve 2 weeks after the treatment.


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