EKREM DOĞAN - Chief of Dentists

Born in Ankara in 1968, Ekrem Dogan graduated from Hacettepe University, Dentistry Faculty, in 1992. After working in the dentist industry for several years he open his own practice in 2000. He attends seminars frequently to boost his knowledge of the latest technologies available and using this within the practice.

Ekrem  mainly specialises in Implantology, Lazer treatments, Dental surgery and Esthetic  dentistry as well as general dentistry.


Murat Binbas was born in 1991 and comes from Usak. He graduated from Ege University , Dentistry Faculty in 2015 and has been with us since then,  a favourite with children, he  specialises in Pediatric cases, Esthetic dentistry as well as general dentistry to all ages. He has a interest in the latest technologies and there use in the dentist industry.


He was born in 1975 in Denizli. He graduated from Gazi University Faculty of Dentistry in 1999. In May 2017 we started to work on our special Perfect Dental Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic. Prosthesis, Endodontics, Aesthetic Dentistry, General Dentistry.

OZLEM AYDIN - Medical Secretary / Office manager

Born in İzmir in 1992, Özlem Aydin qualified as a medical secretary / manager as well as a medical first aider from both Buca trade school and Akdeniz University in 2010 and 2012. She has been with us for  the last 3 years

CANAN KARAKAŞ – Dental Assistant / Depo manager

Canan Karakas was born in Kayseri in 1979. She graduated from High School in 1997. She has been trained as a dental assistant within our practice. Canan has been with us for 8 years and is experienced in working within all areas of our practice.

MAHSURE GUNES -Dental Assistant

Born in Mersin in 1993, graduating from middle school.  Mahsure Gunes has been with us for 7 years and trained by us as a dental  assistant.

EMMA LOUISE AKDAĞ - Customer Relations / Translator

Born in the Uk in 1976, Emma emigrated to Turkey 20 years ago working in the medical sector as an english language translator at first then a receptionist  (customer relations) for the past 6 years. She has been with our practice since 2016.


Emrecan Argacci was born in Soke in 1994 He graduated from Hitit University, Electronics and Automation faculty in 2015. Since graduating he has worked with us on and off. Doing his national service in between. He is now permanantly back with us.

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