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Endodontics is the dentistry branch that deals with problems that have progressed as far as the external pulp. The pulp is located in the center of the disinfection and in the ducts from the root of the dis disini. It is composed of connective tissue, blood vessels and nerves that feed the eye. The pulp can then be taken safely from the pulp chamber and from the root canals after it has been formed. Endodontic treatment is also called removal of the pulppanel, which is known as duct treatment. There is a small chamber in the dysinic hard tissue, which contains diseased blood vessels and nerves (pulpa) from the root of the root. This structure, which allows the growth and maintenance of the teeth, also serves as an alarm when it comes to decay. In the early stages, untreated dental caries progresses to the pulp, where inflammatory changes cause severe pain. Later on, the acids released by the bacteria kill the pulp. As a result, toxins (poisons) are emitted from the root and spread to the jawbone. Inflammation of the jawbone disinfection causes damage to the surrounding tissues. This can be rescued once before, once again, by removing the diseased pulp tissue to remove the follies and the surrounding tissues. After the pulp tissue is cleaned under anesthesia, the channels are expanded and disinfected. After all these operations, the interior of the pulp chamber is filled with special materials up to the root tip. Proof that this is what you think is actually happening and treated.

 Dental Canal Treatment

It is aimed to protect the health of the external and external tissues by removing this shortness and replacing it with a root canal filling in cases of very deep bruises or in the case of disinfection (soft part formed by nerves and vascular).

How to Make Root Treatment?

Canal therapy is performed under local anesthesia and is not painful. The dyskin nerves are found in the root channels of the dorsal jawbone. A dentine nerve layer (pulpa) is formed in the dorsal jawbone of the dorsal nucleus. The dysfunctional nerves are located in the root channel. Our teeth can be 1,2,3 channels. .The treatment of channel therapy is to remove the nerves, to form the channels and to clear them from the microorganisms, and then to fill the expanded channels. Later, the disinfection of the kerosene is carried out according to the greatness of the day and the disinfection is maintained aesthetically and functionally.

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