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Laser Dentistry

As a laser word meaning, monochromatic, flat and energy-carrying beam of light. In dentistry, it is used in treatments such as painless, needle-free, cleaning of rotten tissues in teeth without anesthesia, and gingival operations.

What kind of treatments can be done with laser dentistry?

With Delight Laser you can use any kind of treatment can be done.

Cleaning teeth in the teeth.

The removal of the bone in the extraction of teeth that are buried in the bone,

Cleaning the root cysts.

Root canal enlargement and disinfection, gum infections treatment.

Extension of tooth length by cutting of esthetic gums.

Tongue and lip bond cuts, intraoral oral aft and ulcer treatment, removal of tooth sensitivities.

The removal of colorations due to hyper pigmentation in the gums is successfully accomplished using laser.


What is the advantage of laser?

  • Do not make disturbing noise while working.

  • In the absence of vibration.

  • because of the lack of need for anesthesia most of the time.

  • Not having bleeding in gingival operations.

  • To create a sterile zone due to the light that is given to the working region.

  • After treatment, tenderness and pain do not occur.

  • Dentists, patients who are afraid of needling, especially.

  • in individuals with serious illnesses such as pregnancy and heart disease; most of the time.

  • The use of laser is very advantageous because anesthetic application is inconvenient.

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