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Are obtained from stem cells in the patient's own blood cells accelerates healing therapies. Both bone overly baggy regions where the bones of the maxillary sinus as well as the reinforcement of the weak is applied to thicken (sinus lift). 6-12 month waiting period, which is normally done with implants CGF application is reduced by half. Patient negativity yaratmamaktadır.yapay in no side effects from their tissue graft is obtained and to minimize expenses with expensive graft CGF.Jawbone waiting period drops to a few months 6 months to implant a person molten ... This method is used in every area of medicine in order to speed up healing.

The desire to recreate the lost or damaged tissue fragments have been the most researched treatment of modern medicine. The best tissue healing in the survey, the CGF (Concentrated Growth Factor) is called, which triggers the regeneration of cells, derived from stem cells in the patient's own blood, it was found to be growth factors.

Before surgeries, a small amount of blood from the patient's vein is taken into sterile test tubes.  The tubes of blood are then centrifuged for 12 min.  During this period, the blood cells are separated into individual components: PRF/CGF and thin jelly film, also called biomembrane.  
Biomembranes are removed from the tube and placed into a sterile container.  At the end of the surgical procedure, surgical areas are covered with several layers of biomembranes and then soft tissue is closed and stitched.  The biomembrane protects the healing area, because it works as a barrier to potential infection.  In addition to blocking functions, the biomembrane also stimulates the healing process.
PRF/CGF is rich in biologically active substances of various enzymes and growth factors, that promote wound healing, skin, and bone remodeling, formations of new blood vessels.
** PRF/CGF is used for dental implants, bone graft, sinus lift, ridge augmentation, soft tissue grafting, and tooth extraction, including wisdom teeth removal.

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