Conscious Sedation

Nothing to Fear

In spite of the dental technology that has made dentistry virtually pain-free, dental fear and anxiety still keeps millions of patients away from the dental office every year.

C.G.F Technology

Are obtained from stem cells in the patient's own blood cells accelerates healing therapies. Both bone overly baggy regions where the bones of the maxillary sinus as well as the reinforcement of the weak is applied to thicken (sinus lift). 6-12 month waiting period, which is normally done with implants CGF application is reduced by half. Patient negativity yaratmamaktadır.yapay in no side effects from their tissue graft is obtained and to minimize expenses with expensive graft CGF.Jawbone waiting period drops to a few months 6 months to implant a person molten ... This method is used in every area of medicine in order to speed up healing.


Benefits of CAD/CAM Dentistry

Research suggests that today's milled CAD/CAM restorations are stronger than those milled from earlier materials. They also are less likely to fracture. One of the advantages of CAD/CAM technology is that if your dentist has the technology in office, same day dentistry may be a treatment option for you.


Essentially a computer-controlled dental injection. The flow rate of the local anaesthetic is controlled by a computer. This means that the injection is guaranteed to be slow and steady and therefore comfortable. Even though Milestone Scientific – – now call their products CompuDent and STA (Single Tooth Anesthesia) System,  – because a lot of people with needle phobia describe it as their “Magic Wand”!


BIDC uses the latest and most advance x-ray machines. Our main center, BIDC is equiped with a Digitalized Panoramic, Celplometric and Tomographic large x-ray machine for superior diagnoses and treatment planning.


All of our dental units related to BIDC production devices are CE certified, depending on international sterilization standards and strict cleaning device.

Laser Systems

Laser Systems at our dental clinics are used in both tooth whitening and surgical procedures for precise and concise dental treatments.

Sterilization Machines and Technologies

İnternational sterilizations following clinic cleanliness standards are abided. Sterilization machines and technologies are used in ensuring a clean and safe environment to all our patients.

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