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Our clinic is based in Altinkum,Didim Turkey. Altinkum translated into English means golden sands and with five beaches it really lives up to its name. 

Didim is one of the most beautiful areas in Ege. İt is a seaside resort know for it’s history and natural beauty. Many of our beaches have been awarded the blue flag for cleanliness and is know for its hospitality. We are equal distance from major cities suck as Bodrum and İzmir.

İf you wish to have a lively, enjoyable holiday in Altınkum you can or if you choose a nice, relaxing, quiet holiday this is possible too. There are plenty of activities to join is on, plus shopping and trying out the local cuisine in many restaurant available as well as English food.


Turkey is situated geographically and culturally between East and West, Europe and Asia. A land of rich history and diverse natural beauty, Turkey is a modern country with a famously friendly and hospitable people. Bulgaria and Greece lie to the west, Georgia, Armenia and Iran to the East, and Iraq and Syria to the Southeast


Turkey has a fabulously rich and varied history, starting with some of the oldest known civilisations in the world, and taking in a great many empires, wars, and significant historical events.


The Turkish language may seem a difficult one for an English speaker to learn. Certainly it’s grammar and pronunciation can be tricky. However, it has a pleasing logic to it and some basics can be picked up without too much difficulty.

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