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Frequently Asked Questions 

Do You Give General Anesthetic?

We use a local anesthetic as a general anesthetic needs extra facilies for an emergency situation. This is not necessary for the treatments we provide.

Do You Offer Composite Bonding?

Yes we do offer this treatment.

Do You Offer Finance?

We accept cash and cards during your visit but we expect full payment by the end of your treatment.

Why Would I Need a Root Canal?

If you are having extensive treatment that can involve the nerve of the tooth this requires a root canal to reduce the risk of any pain in the future.

How Long Does Whitening Take in the Clinic?

The teeth are first descaled and then a barrier gel is applied to the gums. Then the wightening agent is applied to the teeth and you sit under a light while the agent works. Your eyes are protected with tinted glasses against the light. Once the desired whiteness is acheived then the teeth are cleaned of all the whitening materials.

If I am Missing a Tooth Do I Need an Implant?

The best option is of course and implant but there are other options, such as a bridge using the teeth at either side of the gaps as anchors to bridge the gaps ith crowning.

Will My Temporary Teeth Resemble the Finished Smile Design?

The temporary teeth will of course look like teeth, but the final finished smile design will be more esthetically defined and more detailed.

How Long Will Whitening Results Last?

The length of the whitening results depends on your oral hygiene plus eating and drinking habits. If you smoke, drink strongly coloured drinks (red wine, coffee, tea or cola etc) the whitening effects will reduce quickly. We recommend with good treatment of your teeth we can repeat the process in 6 months just to maintain the whiteness.

Where is Your Dental Clinic Located?

We are located in the center of Altinkum, Didim, amongst all the main hotels. E are no more than 10 minutes walk from most of the majör hotels in the area. We are easy to find as we are on the main boulevard into the resort.

Will I Experience any Pain or Sensitivity During or After My Treatment?

This depends from person to person and ho sensitive your teeth is and your own pain threshold. It is sensitive but we try to keep the pain an sensitivity to a minimal, using a local anesthetic and prescribed pain medication.

What is a Bridge?

A bridge is multiple crowns made in one piece to bridge a gap with the use of the teeth on either side.

Will Dentist Ekrem Doğan be Performing My Treatment?

Mr. Ekrem Doğan is the implantologist at our clinic and he performs all the surgical procedures needed within a treatment. He is also available for consultation on the design of your smile. We have a team of dentists that provide all the other treatments on offer.

What is Included Within the Total Price?

As everybody requires a different  treatment  we can only give an estimated price which we base on photos that you send us or a recent xray.

Do You Provide Holiday Packages?

Yes we do depending on the treatment of course. Package deals are normally reserved for full mouth smile designs and implant treatments. This can be dicussed directly with us.

What is the Difference Between the Various Types of Veneers and Crowns

Veneers are a single faced covering of a tooth which can be liked to a false nail on a finger. A crown fits around the tooth like a glove, covering all sides of the tooth encasing it within.

Can Implants be Completed Within a Week?

Most implants treatments can be made in a week depending on the complexitity of the operation, as sometimes the sinus area needs treatment as well and this can lengthen the treatment. This varies from person to person and can be discussed in detail directly with us.

Will My Veneers/Crowns Stain Over Time?

No they will not stain. You also have a choice of how white you want them to be as we have a colour scale that you can choose from or can be used to match up to your natural tooth colour.

What are the Prices For the Selected Treatment?

We have provided you with an extensive price list for our various offered treatments which you can browse at your own leisure on this website, as everybodys treatments are different.

Will I be Able to Eat Normally During Treatment?

With most treatments you can eat as normal but with our more invasive treatments a soft diet may be suggested due to sensitivity issues.

How Do I book in at the Clinics?

We have various social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and our website of course. You can also contact us directly by phone, email or Whatsapp.

We can also be contacted on our webchat system linked to our website. You can use any one of these to make an appointment wwith us.

How Long Will it Take for My Smile Makeover to be Complete?

If you are wanting to have a full mouth of crowning or veneers  this can be completed in 1 week to 10 days.

For implant treatment there two stages. The first treatment stage is the placing of the implants, depending on the amount, can take a week to 2 weeks to complete. There is then a waiting period of 4/6 months while the bone and the implants fuse togeather. After this healing process, the placing of the crowns can take a week to 10 days.

Which Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We accept cash and cards during your visit but we expect full payment by the end of your treatment.

Is There a Selection of Different Shades for My New Smile?

You have a choice of how white you want them to be as we have a colour scale that you can choose from or can be used to match up to your natural tooth colour.

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