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Milk teeth contain more organic matter than normal teeth, they are more susceptible to decay, easier and faster decays. Children have a cold hot sensibility and lightness that can be seen early in decay they can not interpret the signals like pain in a timely manner. They only notice that the pain is too much to bear, which is too late Children can not pay attention to adults as much as adults. the Children hand skill, curiosity and the attitude of the parents determine the habit of brushing teeth. a mistake he often made is that the pacifier or bottle of sugar, jam and so on. such as candy milk, fruit juice, and so on. Thus, due to the irregularity of the teeth, the teeth become susceptible to decay and bruise decay is formed.


 it is seen that the caries frequency in children reaches to 90% both in the period of the dentition (2-6 years) and in the period of mixed dentition (7-12 years). For this reason, it is of utmost importance to apply decaying protective measures in order to protect the future oral and dental health of the child and most importantly the general health. Pediatricians will protect these teeth from tooth decay, which can significantly affect their general health as well as their oral and dental health by making these protective applications at the right time according to the child's dental and age development. As a result, your child should have his first oral and dental examination you can have your child completely protected from dental caries by taking care of them with mouth and dental checks at intervals (4-6 months 1).

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